Monday, December 11

Seriously What is Better Than Having a Dog?

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The Dog in my life is Tommy or actually Saint Thomas Lavone Palmer he was a gift from my husband.  Tommy is a big fat happy Boston terrier, whose face could stop you cold.

Tommy is a faithful companion when I am lonely; it is as if he knows it, and tries to make me smile. 

He tries to be a watch dog but he wouldn’t hurt anyone, accept those darn flea’s that get on him.

Tommy is my trusting dog and always willing to play fetch; no matter how long we do he still want to play more.

He can cuddle, and helps on the cold winter nights, but is kind of a bed hog, but really I don’t mind.

He loves all animals including cats, which he also enjoys napping with; actually I think they nap with him.

Tommy doesn’t complain, and he listens to me contently when I talk to him.  Good at keeping all my secrets to his self.

He loves to go for walks, in the city or the woods never needing a leash.

The pond in the summer is where you will find him cooling off.

He loves children, and has been known to go visit the children down the road.

He doesn’t ask for much, all I have to do is take him for a walk, feed him, and take him to the vet.

Tommy has enriched my life; he is a very good friend.

My Dog Tommy stays true to me and if I was making a list of friends he would be at the top of my list.



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