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That "hidden" Web Site Will Be Of No Use

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Spend any time at all in the site design and web marketing worlds and you’ll hear that the buzz is all about SEO, SEO, SEO! Is it real, or just hype? Absolutely not! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation of any effective web entity: being “visible” rather than “invisible” to those web consumers who are looking for your services or products is what it’s all about. If your customers can’t find you amongst the several sites out there, what’s the point, right?

Let’s use an analogy to draw a picture of the importance of optimization:

Let’s say you decide you want to create a TV commercial to advertise your products and services. You pay a large amount of money to professionals who hire good actors, create an engaging and convincing narrative and then back it up all up with costly sets, impressive visual graphics and all the other bells and whistles created to draw viewers in and contact you immediately. By the time the production process is over with, you have a state-of-the-art commercial that will bring in millions of dollars and make you famous.

Then you don’t pay to air the commercial!

Ridiculous? Of course it is! Well the same principle can be applied to a web site. No matter how much money you spend, how professional it looks and how cutting-edge the technologies are to create it, if SEO strategies (i.e. air time) are not also firmly in place then your site won’t do you any good at all. That’s why creating a site with optimization in mind is so important.

The Purpose of Search Engine Optimization

In today’s technology-driven marketplace, your website is your single most serious marketing tool. Many potential customers use search engines such as Google to find the products and services they are looking for: either in their own neighborhoods, nationwide or even around the world. Unless your site ranks in the Top 10 on search engine results pages for specific keywords and phrases associated with your business: they won’t find you and will take their dollars elsewhere!

Good optimization is not for amateurs: the criteria for high search engine rankings are ever changing. In other words, a strategy that worked last year or even yesterday may not work tomorrow. That’s why intelligent businesses and individuals whose livelihood depends on a strong web recognition hire SEO professionals who are on top of all the latest developments and whose entire job is to help those sites get and remain visible.

The Utah SEO team at Utah Web Services is made up of professionals who are committed to developing a solid plan and using the current strategies to help sites rank as highly as possible: and that translates into greater traffic and a much better ROI. So don’t make the error of “making the commercial without buying the air time:” optimization is not baloney – it is the foundation on which all strong web presences are built.


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