Sunday, December 17

Piggy Bank: From Rags to Riches.

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Hey, wait. I’m not into endorsing any sites that says ‘Click and Earn’ or ‘Earn money at the comfort of your home’. But I’m here to help you achieve‘Real’ Rags to Riches story. The process itself could not be yours after you woke up tomorrow morning. As I said, it is a ‘process’. It needs courage, sacrifice, and even transformation. Yes, you could be rich. But being rich needs some perfect computation of your own actions. First of all, in order to be rich, you must know how to save. Yes, brother or sister, I know, saving is such a hard thing to do. But that is the reason why I’m here. I cannot offer you discount coupons, points, or instant dollars, but what I can share are advices that could challenge you to save money and to make it bigger. I’m not going to make it difficult for you, so for our first challenge, buy a Piggy bank. If you are artistic, I advice you to create your own treasure box. You could get a used bottle or carton then use your creativity to design it. That’s just one step to become rich. Maybe earning money nowadays could tempt you, but what you can do next after you already have them? Before I leave, here’s one quote that I want to share with you: “Being able to buy everything that you want doesn’t mean that you are rich, a true measure of wealth can be seen in the ways you spent the money you have today.”


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