Monday, December 11

Implication of “conscious Trance” That Stands Matchless.

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Ma-Mahajnam said aloud,” I’ve spoken a lot. This is not the time for me to talk. Why should I then? No, I won’t any further. I’ll, later on. Not now. Let it remain undone. I’ll do it later. O yes, I am to state. But why should I now? Is there anything so serious? Then? No, I won’t keep up ongoing.

There was an interruption. Goutam, one of her sons, said silently, ‘So, you’re laying aside your work.’

Ma-Mahajnan: I’ve laid aside my work! No, no, I haven’t at all. Ah! I won’t talk because I don’t have the will to. I go by my will—when I talk, when I work, when I move. I haven’t come here to talk at anybody’s word. Nobody can make me talk. What do you mean by laying aside my work? That’s my work. I’ve laid it aside. I’ll do it. Can anybody make me do it?”

This is my play. I play. I’ve a lot of work to do. That’s why. I’m to perform many duties. If I get through the work, that’s all. Is there anything to object to? I may be scolded if I lay aside my task. Why should I do that? I’ll only take it up later.”

Well, if it so happens, I tell you, the people in reality, that I’ll take up the thread of talk where I left it, then? God will of course open my book for me. The one you call Allah, Bhagavan, One who goes by the name Divine Mother. What other name can you think of? You have a number of such names, haven’t you? He is that Bhagavan, that Iswara, that Guru, that again Divine Father, who is ‘Parama Bramhan’, The Omni-potent.”

Father, may I go now? Why do you say so? Why, may I not, eh? Why should I speak—speak at your bidding? I won’t. Any problem? No, I won’t, at your bidding. Clear?”

I’ve with fond care bound Thee
With the bonds of my mind;
I wear Thee as my necklace.
So know I well, indeed,
Where wouldst Thou stay?

 I’ll pluck the strings of my own self
And give forth music
It’s Thy necklace, Father,
Thine ‘tis, indeed.
My ‘mantras’ (spell) tuned in me;
Thy knowledge and my conscience
All tied together—
Fastened in the same bond.
That’s my firm belief.

Always do I feel in my heart
Softly speaking my Mother—Come, O come.
Those eyes brimming with love—
That’s a vision full of affection.
It’s only I and I alone
Who conceive them sincerely.

O my Fiery Father,
Thou with Thine flame-like-self!
I bow to Thee.
Thou’dst call me, know I well,
And call me again..

I won’t talk. Why, why did you ask me to talk? More to tell? I won’t talk further. I’ll go away. I’ll tell (laughs the mother). Could I say anything? Say, could I? No, I won’t talk.”                                                                           


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