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How The Deprivation of True Needs Leads to Insecurity And Crime (Doc Id: Dtnlic)

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All humans, of every nation, have desires. The nature of humanity is such that a person will gravitate towards seeking fulfillment of desires. Whether a desire is to find shelter for themselves and family, to buy a car to commute to work and buy groceries, or to buy gold with diamond jewelry, is evaluative by anyone as belonging to one of three categories: True needs, other needs and perceived needs.

Regarding the three categories of needs: True needs support life of oneself, one’s family and one’s community and world. Other needs enable additional desires be realized to further enhance one’s connection and efficiency at interfacing with one’s family, community and world. Perceived needs accentuate the divisions between oneself and the community, by acting as showy statement of have to all the community have-nots.

A person – every person – must have the freedom and resources to make continual, significant and self-directed progress towards materializing true needs. Otherwise, the person will grow resentful and embittered towards community, as anger will flow without useful purpose, the anger will erode the sense of goodwill and charity within the individual, until they become highly reactive.

When a person’s anger is flowing inward, they become depressed. When a person’s anger is targeted as the problem, a systematic denial of true needs is put into place, as done by psychiatrists and psychologists. Anger must be allowed to be itself; the root cause is typically ignored, and for “good reason” on the part of mental health practitioners.

Anger is scary to mental health workers, but not because anger can lead to violence. The main reason anger is a frightening energy to mental health workers is because anger is from God, and serves a purpose contrary to the entire agenda of mental health workers. If everyone was able to acknowledge their God-given energy, the people would be inspired to radically reform our world.

The agenda of mental health workers traditionally has been to ensure compliance of the populace to the wishes of the wealthy, ruling class. The people in authority generally have money – lots of it – and political power. The agenda of the authorities in society and the mental health doctors and therapists are one in the same. Mental health workers obey the rules and pursue the goals put forward for them to follow.

When one group of people get perceived needs met at the expense of true needs of others, a strong friction will amass, which can erupt into riots, but that usually shows up in small, occasional acts of violence and crimes that may appear personally targeted. Wealth needs to be redistributed so that the poorest people have opportunity to work and take care of their family, while the wealthiest people can appreciate the simple joys of finding employment instead of always living off and wasting their money.

There is simple mechanisms to achieve better balance: Taxes and subsidies, loans and grants, and resources given by committee and more resources given by random draw. First, taxes on wealthy need to be 98% on income for the highest income segment, and for the working class drop taxes to 22% flat tax, as an emergency initiative to re-balance wealth. Certain occupations may have higher or lower taxes than 22%, but the idea is a flat tax for everyone within that occupation. Property tax, for real estate, personal and business assets, and bank assets needs to be raised to 98% too, for the wealthiest for a short and stressful period, known as the “Redistributive Phase.” Certain industries, such as those that bolster the strength of the economy, need to be given the opposite of taxes; they need subsidies from the federal, state and local governments. Loans and grants need to be issued to the smallest businesses, including home based businesses and small family owned corporations, while redirecting away funds from the banking and medical arenas. Resources need to be given in such a way that any citizen who submitted a written business plan may receive at whims notice a store, fully ready to sell out of, to be paid for by the state and local city governments, and awarded by one of two methods, either random draw or a committee that reviewed their achievements.

After the wealth is moved into the hands of the workers, the next phase will be the “Growth Phase.” This phase will be done by lowering taxes according to a flat tax for the primary industry a person works for. This phase will result in very low unemployment, below one percent in most jurisdictions. With such a social climate, workers will be having their true needs met, by themselves working, without having to choose between either supporting a broken system as we have today, or collapse and be supported.

The final of the three phases will be the “Stability Phase.” This phase will drop hours worked to a socially appropriate and sustainable level, perhaps 25 hour work weeks, for all people who are able-bodied. Production of war equipment and weapons will have been halted. The entire world will point their attention to the sky. Humanity has a future in our solar system and deep space as explorers and colonizations of other worlds beyond Earth. There will be not terrorists, no suicide bombers, no murders and the judicial system will be enjoying a rest and tranquility of absence of cases as never before.

True needs must come first, then other needs. Perceived needs harm the society and world. By knowing these truths, we can work together to restructure our world in such a way that peace really happens, instead of one group threatening to destroy a group of people if the oppressed reject the rule imposed on them to be peaceful. Genuine peace is a choice that is given freely from love, not something that can be ordered or imposed with military force or any method of coercion. Our world will change as described, as it must; for if it does not, it will surely be annihilated, placing humanity back into the dark ages if we are that lucky. Total human extinction is a another possible outcome if humanity continues the ways of pursuing perceived needs, while others are deprived other needs and, especially, are denied true needs.


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