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Template Customization Tips

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Templates are the ready made designs for designing website. Designing websites from templates require little basic HTML knowledge. Templates based sites are much cost effective than custom made site. Most template are highly customizable. You also have option to perform edit and tailor the layouts as per your preference.

Following are the tips for customizing your template:

Add logo of the company on the page
Logo represents the name of the company. Logo of the company should be placed in right handed top corner. Logo attached website will definitely look unique. If you are not able to decide about your company’s logo get advice from any custom web design company, they will certainly guide you best.

Add Relevant content
Website should convey right information to visitors about your services and products. So, always add relevant content in your business web design.

Add relevant images
Always remember to add images which are relevant to your products. Irrelevant images can occupy unnecessary space in the website. Ultimately make it heavy. And heavy websites are not good for search engine optimization.

Attractive color
Use always color that attracts users frequently. Color should be matched with images colors. Color should not distract users and create problems in reading content.

Attractive background
Attractive back ground always attracts more visitors than dull background. So it is a good practice to choose background color with proper match to images and content on website.

Maintain space between the stuff
Website will look well structured when every item on website is not overlapping with each other. So always maintain space between the images to male them on right distance. 

Add links
If you are displaying features and services in your marketing website, you should insert appropriate links . By incorporating links in template, information can easily be clarified and validated.

Avoid too much advertisements
It is good to add less advertisement in the website. More advertisement fill the website with unnecessary links. It makes website heavy.  It is advisable to avoid advertisements in website.

Add footer and header
Many visitors like to see  bottom of the website and some remains on top so always provide sufficient information in footer and header regarding your products. You can provide your contact details in footer and header can contain menu navigation links etc. Footer and header should be on every page.

By following above mentioned tips you can easily customize the templates according to the way you want.

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