Saturday, December 16

Beautiful Pictures of Nature

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Have you ever taken the time to watch a little bird build it’s nest? It really is quite an engineering feat. They just go about the task tirelessly until they are finished. Watching a spider spin it’s web is truly amazing. One has to wonder how they even know how to do the job. In a short amount of time their task is complete. I’ve had the pleasure of watching beavers build their house. It’s unbelievable how quickly they can chew around a tree to make it fall over. They are also fabulous swimmers with that big flat tail.

Seeing a flock of geese flying in a V formation honking as they go is a sight I looked forward to every spring and fall as a child. Seeing them fly north in the spring meant warmer weather was setting in and seeing them fly south in the fall meant colder weather was moving in north of us.

Sitting on a large rock in Pennsylvania and seeing a herd of white tail deer coming is a sight that always excited me. I’ve had them come to within a few feet of me and just meander around and lie down never suspicious that I was so near to them.

Taking a hike in a state or national forest gives you the opportunity of observing plant life in it’s natural surroundings. You may see everything from a tiny seedling to a majestic pine tree. Walking along a trail in a Pennsylvania forest in June you may very well see Mountain Laurel, the Pennsylvania state flower.

Natural beauty lies in rain and snowfall. Just sitting out on the patio and watching it rain can be soothing. The next time you see it rain, just think of it as heaven’s tears. A light snowfall on a cold winter day with the snow hanging on the trees is a beautiful sight. I remember many times when I lived in Pennsylvania sitting in front of the fireplace watching it snow as I sipped on a cup of hot chocolate.

Nature is all around us and we can’t allow it to be ignored or destroyed. Greed has allowed our air and water to be polluted. Money to some is more important than the environment. We need to convert as quickly as possible to solar and wind power. Let the people, animals, birds, fish, and plants have the clean environment back that we all deserve.


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