Tuesday, December 12

Those Who Love The Lord Hate Evil

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“Let those who love the Lord hate evil” we read at Psalm 97 verse 10. This is not only a plea from a faithful servant of the Lord but a simple statement regarding the sanctification of those who devote their lives to God. The moment you begin to love the Lord your God, the process of purification begins inside you which eventually will cleanse you of sin. Whatever your obsession or addiction, you need not fear. Continuous prayer and worship will bring you into the realm of the Kingdom of Heaven which is imbued with the Holy Spirit, for God not only sent His one and only son, He sent also the Holy Spirit. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are distinct and individual parts of God, both eternal and all-powerful, but working in separate ways to bring you to salvation.

The Holy Spirit was there at creation. It was a special force which enabled all the matter of the universe to be knit together to produce the world as we know it. Why did God need to transform himself in this way? Just as when men fly into space, they need special suits for protection, so when God visits us on earth, he needs to protect us and the environment He created from his own power. Imagine the power of the sun. From where it is in the heavens,it gives off perfect light and heat. But if it got any nearer, we would burn to a frazzle and our planet would be destroyed. God has even more power than the sun. Jesus is His human face on earth, and the Holy Spirit is his spacesuit, both working to save our souls.

But the Holy Spirit is not just a protector. He is also a friend, a comforter, an encourager, an enabler. In other words by seeping into our souls, our hearts, the very marrow of our bones, the Holy Spirit can do all the things that God would want to do Himself, to turn us into good people. The currency of this change is love. The Holy Spirit is a pure and powerful force of love that nurtures our compassion for others. If the Holy Spirit was in charge of the government, there would be no poverty or unemployment. But being a spiritual force it can only change us from within giving us prosperity in the spirit and the earnest desire to work hard for God. People use this force to achieve great things, in government, in art, in science. But those who are poor in spirit can only get things wrong, have dangerous ideas and put into practice harmful policies.

In this way love and doing good are intricately connected through the power of the Holy Spirit. When the psalmist made that plea to love the Lord and hate evil, he was pronouncing a perfect principle of Heaven. So the next time you hear somebody complaining about the state of society, consider their religious state. We have to love the Lord first, before we can start getting things right in our own lives.


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