Sunday, December 17

Living Clean And Green.

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Like contemplating a diet, people thinking about living a greener life are often nervous, wondering whether they’ll succeed. They are easily overwhelmed thinking about the effort needed, are concerned about their ability to stick with a plan, and not really sure if the struggle to live differently will be worth the effort.

In fact, here are 10 simple ways to “go green” without making drastic changes to your life.

  • Recycle, recycle, recycle. No matter where you live, most communities have organized recycling programs.

  • Take your own bags when you go shopping. That’s right-surely you’ve heard that the best choice is neither paper nor plastic, but “I brought my own bags.” You can either start re-using all those paper bags that you’ve been collecting or those made from canvas or hemp

  • Switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products. Find cleaners made from natural resources. These days, most grocery/discount stores sell nontoxic cleaning products.

  • Use energy-saving lightbulbs in your 3 most-used lights. Although they cost a little more, they last longer than regular lightbulbs.

  • Limit what you waste. Re-use everything. Think creatively. Cut up old clothing items and make something-a purse, a bag, or a vest, for example.

  •  Turn off your car engine when possible. According to the Engines Off website, you prevent 550 pounds of carbon dioxide from permeating the air with the engine running just 10 minutes less in a day.

  •  If you want to wash your car but don’t want to use the 100 gallons of water it usually takes, just do it waterless. That’s right, use a waterless carwashkit. The kit includes special

  •  Ask co-workers if they’re interested in carpooling. Any shared trips are better than none-if you can share rides on one or two days a week, do it. Another green work suggestion is to see if you can work from home one day a week. Of course, only certain types of jobs can be done from home.

  •  You know all those extra coffee mugs you’ve got crowding your cabinets? Why not take some to work so you and co-workers don’t have to use disposable cups? Put one of them in your car to take to the coffee shop to use in place of disposable ones.

  •  Finally, assure your workplace is using recycled paper products. Available at most office supply stores, they truly sustain the earth’s precious resources. Also, recycle waste paper. Staple discarded one-sided documents and use blank side as scratch paper.

Pick just one of the above tips to put into practice today. Focus on it, decide exactly how you will carry it through. And then, do it. Educate yourself about all aspects of living green-try American Forests and Campaign Earth websites. Hundreds of thousands of people are taking simple steps to do their part to help save the earth and you can, too. All of us together can assure that future generations will reap the benefits of this beautiful place: earth.


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