Monday, December 11

5 Tips For Writing A Good Essay

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I’ve often come across people who, no matter how hard they try, just can’t write a decent essay. There can be many factors which limit the essay writing capability of individuals. It may be due to poor English, inability to translate thoughts into words, insufficient vocabulary or just plain lack of imagination. Good writing skills are developed over time. Practice is essential to writing good essays. Having said that I would now share 5 tips to improve your essay writing skills. I originally wrote this on my blog. So, here they are:

  1. Begin with a bang: The introduction to any essay is the most important aspect of it. Once you arrest the attention of your reader, 40% of your job is done. Remember the adage, “Morning shows the day”. Well, its particularly apt in case of an essay. Try to be creative and come up with interesting introductory lines. The first paragraph should consist of a general introduction to the topic of the essay. It should not exceed 4 sentences.
  2. Sort out your points: Next you should sort out the points you are going to write about. Mentally arrange them in a logical order. Elaborate each point and describe them. However, don’t go on writing about the same point for whole of the essay. It kills the flow.
  3. Pay attention to formatting: While writing your essay, pay attention to how you are going to present it. Consider writing 3-4 similar points in the same paragraph. Make sure that the paragraphs are not excessively long. The eyes get fatigued while reading a long paragraph.
  4. Language: It goes without saying that good hold over the English language is necessary to write a good essay. The essay should be written, keeping in mind your target readers. If it’s a web article that you are going to post on a blog or website, you must keep the language simple. Keep in mind that you are catering to a vast population whose understanding of the language might not be the same as yours. And if you are writing an academic essay or consider publishing your work, you might want to show off your language skills. But, beware of using too much ornamental language. And pay close attention to the grammar.
  5. Try to think differently: What I mean by that is, try to develop independent thoughts. Try to analyze common objects in unconventional ways. The idea is to make the reader see a different shade of some very common object. It always works in arresting the reader’s attention.

Having said that, I cannot stress enough of the fact about how important practice is. Like any other creative process, you strive for perfection. And perfection can only be achieved through sheer hard work and practice. Best of luck!


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