Tuesday, December 12

How to Make a Great Impression on The First Day at Your New Job

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The job market is fiercely competitive whether in good fiscal times or in bad, and in any economical circumstance knowing how to make a great impression on the first day of your new job is a benefit that can become a reality for someone who recently may have landed their first step in a new career. As many current employees already know and many newly hired workers will soon discover, the relationship dynamics that take place in the office can form a significant part of determining the quality, length and enjoyment level of the business-place experience.


For the dual reason of both avoiding a potential first-day faux pas and to maximize the potential for learning the necessary ins and outs of the particular workspace, part of knowing how to make a great impression on the first day of your new job involves being slow to speak but quick to listen. There will be a lot of information to absorb, new co-workers to get to know, and opportunities to catch a piece of knowledge that may prove crucial, all of which are possibilities that stand their best chance at being actualized if the new hire is intentional about practicing good, eager listening skills.


One of the basic tenets of hypnosis and psychological manipulation is the concept of positive association; that is, the idea that people receive ideas with a better impression if they are already in a positive mood, or that over time someone can associate an event with an emotion that can be recalled later with repetition of the trigger event. This is why studies have shown that experiment groups show better response to an idea when received while they are eating a box of donuts compared to the control group without, and why common-knowledge experience displays pleasant feelings associated with a long-familiar smell, location, or other stimuli related to positive prior experiences. The point, as concerns how to make a great impression on the first day of your new job, is that maintaining a positive attitude is not only a good idea to begin with, but will help start a great relationship with new co-workers that will soon become trusted peers.


Another tactic in the category of avoiding a first-day faux pas would be present in the old saying, “Look before you leap.” As healthy as it can be to appear confident and ready to get to work, overly brash actioncan lead to a mistake, oversight, or accident that can cripple an otherwise ripe chance for a positive first impression. Knowing how to make a good impression on the first day at a new job means knowing how to take a conservative, cautious tact at first.

Another old saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The implicit message is that significant endeavors begin with a seemingly insignificant start, and the initial day of a new gig or career is no exception. Knowing how to make a great impression on the first day of your new job can be a great tool to help ensure a positive working environment right away.


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