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Few Important Points About Fitness Boot Camp

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Food joints can be seen anywhere these days. What is more, it seems that most of these foods are subtly high in calories and can be unhealthy. But there are still a number of people who keeps a close watch on what they eat and are serious about their physical fitness. Sometimes though, keeping the body fit cannot be done alone especially in hectic schedules or even the lack of will and indolence can be a factor. Because of that, fitness boot camps are popular and widely offered to all types of people in most of the countries.

Fitness boot camp usually happens in about 4 to 8 weeks wherein outdoor exercises are done in groups. There is a mixture of body exercise and strengthening activities with its main goal of pushing people harder and to their limits.

Fitness boot camp exercises would include waking up early in the morning for an early work out, run or sprint. Push-ups and plyometric exercises can also be performed. Plyometric exercise is an exercise technique that creates greater elasticity and strength on the muscles. It is even known to improve the function of the nervous system. It improvises exercise techniques that are quick and powerful. Originally, these exercise technique is used to improve your adaptability to sports like rugby, soccer, skateboarding, basketball, and martial arts to name but a few.

The fitness boot camp usually caters to only a few individual with 6 to 10 members per group sessions. Parks and outdoor venues are the ideal locations for those people who lives within the city and could not afford to travel to and fro the countryside for the activities. Orientations are indicated prior to the start of each boot camp sessions. The safety guidelines, boot camp objectives and questions are answered in the orientation session to give the group an idea of what is about to take place. Warm-up sessions are then started for a period of 10 minutes. The succeeding 30 to 40 minutes would be the actual exercises and activities. The exercises would range from various body stretching and movements like push-ups, lounges, squats, speed trainings, partner exercises and many more. A cool down would be used to end the session to give the body and the muscles used the time to relax.

Fitness boot camps are not for adults alone. Children also have their own fitness boot camp where they will be taught how to discipline themselves through appropriate exercises. Children boot camps are also a good way for them to meet other children their age. Specific fitness boot camps are also available for those who have a particular interest like sports. An example of which would be soccer boot camps where participants are mostly soccer enthusiasts who gets to enjoy boot camps through soccer and other various exercises. Senior’s boot camp is also available for those who are older. This is ideal for those people who are at a certain age but is still intent on keeping themselves fit.


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