Friday, December 15

Stop Trying To Reinvent The Blog

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My MLM Web site Is Better Than Yours

One of the things I learn from a lot of people that I go to work with is what motif should I use for my mlm blog and where can I find a template for my mlm blog? I even see people not getting started or spinning their wheels because of this life changing decision.

Are MLM Blog Themes Created Alike?

There are some variety and functions that might help you have a better multilevel marketing blog but substance is king. If you have a spotless car with no motor, it’s just something that seems awesome but is practically of no use. Work on your mlm blog decorum and let people see your character, it’s an extension of who you are.

Ok You are Still Hung Up On The MLM Blog motif

There are thousands of different ones. I utilize WordPress and a self hosted type. This way I own the blog and don’t ever have to be bothered about it getting shut down, along with there are some things that you can’t do with a free wordpress mlm blog. With WordPress you can get complimentary themes or pay for one, mine is at no cost as usual I try to use free things and put in a little more effort to get results.

Like A Blog? Sneak A Peek

If you see a blog that you really like, it might be a free themes that you can have for yourself. You can find out by peeking at their code, I am not a computer savvy guy so anybody can do this. Find a blog you like and in the browser click on “view source”, this will show you a bunch of jibberish but you can look for the design that they use. You can also find out lots of other information about their page from the source code.

Now What Do I Do?

When you are peeking at an mlm blog and you want to see if the theme is free, go into your wp-admin page and underneath “install themes type in the themes that caught your eye. If you see it then you are in luck, install and start playing. If it’s not there, google the theme name and you might find it is a premium or “not free design” but at least you found it.

Get To Work

I’ve given you a starting point now you possess no defense not to start generating content, get running and spread your message on your mlm blog. You can get in touch with me and I’ll write a post on any little tweak or modification you require on your internet site but only if you get to work towards your success. Do not wait another day to make that change.



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