Monday, December 11

Virtual Call Centers

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Thanks to technology, there is no need for a business to take on the added expense of housing several hundred agents, if not more, in a brick and mortar setting. When you call to order products, gather information or book tickets, chances are high that you are talking to a representative from one of the many virtual call centers around the country.

By employing or using contract “virtual assistants” companies are benefiting. Companies are able to maximize their workforce without having the headache of having to pay higher property fees for keeping agents on the company’s premises.  Not to mention the benefits of the virtual assistant who does not have to consume fuel to get to the office, which helps to make our planet a bit greener.

The term “homeshoring” refers to the use of United States of America virtual assistants. The caller on the other end of the phone will have a representative aid him with whatever information or product he may need, not someone is another country. The company benefits by cheaper overhead and the US benefits by keeping jobs here.

Companies like JetBlue, American Airlines, QVC and Alpine Access hire virtual assistants. The trend toward homeshoring is growing. Making money from home, helping to create a greener environment and companies being able to save money on overhead costs is helping to change how we do business in our modern world.


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