Tuesday, December 12

Emotions Are

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Emotions are at the heart of both good and bad relationships. They bring people together and also tear them apart. People express their opinions about emotions, but know little about them and much less how to deal with them, live with them and keep them under control. When we are under their influence, it is as if we are different people, living in a different world. We have stories of gods and goddesses and saints and seers becoming emotional and making mistakes. Emotions keep surfacing in our lives and cause mental high and lows. It is necessary that we understand our emotions and know how to live with them, without destroying our zest for life and without impairing our inner peace and mental stability.There are basic and complex categories, where some basic emotions can be modified in some way to form complex emotionsconditioning or association combined with the basic emotions. Alternatively, analogous to the way primary colors combine, primary emotions could blend to form the full spectrum of human emotional experience. For example interpersonal anger and disgust could blend to form contempt.

Personally, I think I can pretty much control my emotions now. I use to get all mad, like really pissed for stuff that’s not even worth my time. Now I’m pretty much come. I always keep my cool no matter what. When I’m hurt or feel like I’m gonna laugh like really hard I do my best to stay quiet and come especially when I’m among other people.


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