Monday, December 18

Timeline Malleability And Effect

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The LORD Jesus Christ has placed wisdom in the Bible Code to be read and intended the Bible Code to be understood by humanity, starting mass assimilation in the year 2011. When a person’s senses obtain information, the perceptual experience results in changes in that individual’s thinking, attitudes, and emotions. Such changes can be profound.

Humanity often feels fear, and with such emotion, can hold knowledge in and suppress communication of the wisdom. The Bible Code truths are meant to be shared and talked about; they are safe for humanity to use, in the sense that the LORD will place knowledge in the Bible Code for the greatest good of all humanity. Unfortunately for a small number of individuals, they may have to suffer, for the most intense good for the greatest number of people.

By “good” versus “suffer,” the suffering may range in scope from discomfort to death, and miseries in between. God decides who will get what role and how each person is named and edified from His holy Bible Code.

The LORD does not create meaningless suffering. The the LORD Jesus Christ instead disfavors suffering, but allows individuals’ errors of their ways to continue. For those who will listen, when they are ready, they may be fortified with truth intended specifically from them in the Bible Code. Suffering is not a punishment in the ordinary human authoritarian sense, but rather a resultant of behaviors that accumulate effect towards ill fortune and undesirable opportunity.

For the LORD’s intervention point, focusing in strongly in the years 2011 and 2012, God picked out certain people with skills and capacities that the LORD knew would be helpful to LORD God. In such a way, God picked out his best prophets on basis of outcome intensity of helping God attain His grand divine agenda.

The timeline is malleable and each person’s freewill shapes the future. God knows how each person will contribute to the timeline, and God gives credit where due in his Bible Code for those whose life contributes the most to the greatest public benefit. Put another way: When composing the Torah Bible for Moses over two millennium ago, the LORD wanted persons who would be most helpful to His divine intervention in the years 2011 and 2012 to receive the most mention in the Bible Code, to help them proceed more efficiently at helping God meet the target goals of the divine intervention for humanity.

The LORD’s agenda is to achieve nothing less than one thousand years of peaceful paradise for all humanity on the entire planet, with guidance to help humanity colonize our solar system and deep space. Wealth needs to be distributed so that the poorest person has not less than one tenth as much as the wealthiest person. All people in all nations need this balancing of wealth. All national boarders need to be removed forever. There is more to do, but this is just an overview.

I am one of the LORD’s higher profile activists, or “prophets” in religious jargon. On July 4, 2010 I learned I was written about in the LORD’s Bible Code. My life has not been the same since, but since I love the LORD and am aligned with the LORD’s agenda, this has not been a rift in my relationships with God, but rather an opportunity to grow closer to the LORD’s divine wisdom and compassion.

I have been accused of being mentally ill and delusional, because I insist on believing what the LORD has shown to me in His Bible Code. I pray and hear the LORD affirm my Bible Code insights. I have had a guardianship inflicted upon me because directly of my following of the LORD’s divine wisdom, instead of Earthly sensory information limited to my person to perceive.

I have been commanded to unseal His holy Bible Code, and to share my research with the world. I enjoy serving the best interest of humanity as defined by my prayers and Bible Code prophecies. The Bible Code is written for perhaps one hundred thousand prophets. I am just more comfortable than most at high profile work, and I feel certain I will do well with media scrutiny and personal examinations of my character.

In conclusion, I desire to connect with other prophets of the LORD Jesus Christ, and anyone interested in communicating with a prophet of the LORD. I mainly worry, “am I working at unsealing His Bible Code too slowly?” I am cheerful to learn God picked me to be his prophet, although I did not realize this completely until around December 2010 it begin making sense to me. God gives truth in small doses when we each are ready, and not a moment — nor instant — too soon.


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