Friday, December 15

True Revolution

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Tonight’s Discussion: Revolution


We are searching for topics tonight.  It is fun.  Shall I dissect the moral teachings of the Catholic Church or take your inventory?  It’s all the same.  Shall I seek a highly speculative and intellectual matter and beat it to hell with words?  What have you been thinking?  What ideas for discussion have you?


Like you, Murph, we sit and worry of what the fuck we will talk about tonight.  So many deadends.  The world seems tired.  We beat our brains in making sense of it.

M: You say the world is impenetrable?  That the meaning of this life is so far-fetched to be doubted?  The Egyptians are in revolt as we speak.  Is this a topic for us?

S: Even this latest revolution, if even that, is made for TV.  It draws out interminably, like so many human dramas.  Our revolutionaries simply turn to new paradigms, new projections of perfection.  And after the new leaders take command the same divisions and competitions arise to relegate the new to more of the same.  What is revolution, we ask?

M:  So it’s revolution you desire to discuss?

S:  We wonder why despite so many so-called revolutions we have returned to ourselves equally soaked in survival, pleasure, security and on-going seeking? 

M: Perhaps we should ask if true revolution is possible?  What is the nature of revolution?  How does it arise and can it make a difference?  The word connotes political upheaval, a certain measure of violence, and fundamental change. 

S: But despite all the revolutions we seem as conflicted, as mean and homicidal as ever.

M: Let’s ask what a true and meaningful revolution is not.  Let’s argue negatively.  The word revolution implies upheaval, radical change, and if a true revolution a new meaningful future that lasts for a long time.  Have there been such true revolutions in man’s behavior through time?  Are these defined by history?  We can cite this and that revolution and in each the seeds of it’s eventual destruction were planted early:  The American One divided by race form the beginning, the French One emptied of meaning by violence and the ravings of a Madman.  The 1848 Revolution short-termed by division and warfare.  The Russian One condemned by the worship of authority, similarly the Hitlerian One by the same excesses and another: genocidal warfare.  And on and on through all the lands.

S: In what can we place our trust?  Is there a path to freedom, a method to gain an upper hand on greed and hatred?  Does it lie in religion? In an ideal” In an ‘ism’?  Should we trust the promises of man or is survival simply the on-going existential obedience to the norm?

M:  True Revolution is not temporary, rife with words and promises, thick with bullshit, a formula for escape.  It is not a façade of scenery like changing the names of all the streets and calling the changes a new city.  It is not of time or words.  It doesn’t distort or propagandize.  It does not bear authority or strict conformity.  It does involve violence but the violence of a true revolutionary, the interior negation of all things.  Rather, true revolution lies in he denial of all the above.  The True Revolutionary is beyond definition and time.  He or she sits with the disruption of all things and smiles.


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