Saturday, December 16

Simple Ways to Prevent Internet Account From Being Hacked

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We All know that all information is accessible by most in the internet. Though, even if how secure the site is, there are still ways that your account will be hacked. Hackers might have a lot of motives to enter into somone private information. Privacy settings sometimes does not guaranteed it from being hacked.

Sometimes it takes our simple ways in keeping our private information secured by SAFE internet browsing. And the most common sites that had been hacked lately are your facebook accounts.

These are the simple tips you should do:

Pishing is the most common way to hack your facebook account , to prevent this, never log-in into your facebook account — if the facebook log-in page is sent via your email or if the site you visited asking you to log-in into ypur facebook acoount tru their redirecting to log-in page–. always type the facebook url into  your internet browser. And while browsing to any other sites minimize using the back and forward button.

This simple tips could help your account safe from being hacked.

Although its nice to join any social networking sites, yet those sites were asking private information during registration from you to join them. Sometimes it is hesitant to do so, yet think that mayde we are un-updated, outworn, if we dont join. That’s why I suggested simple ways to prevent it from being hacked.


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