Monday, December 18

Working From Home as an Employee

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Are you thinking about working from home?  You will miss the stress of office politics, the “face to face” encounters, the costly wardrobe, the high cost of gas and the commute. Some companies allow their employees to work from home. If you are lucky enough to snag a work at home job, remember it is still work.

It is time to realize that even working from home has its pressure points. Yet, it is worth it for some people. It works for individuals who have created a workable plan in advance. It is time to face the facts. Your working schedule will determine your success or failure. Every successful business has a plan and that means you must have one too.

Your family needs you, your friends need you, the woman across the street needs your advice, but not when you are working. Unless there is a fire or some other emergency that warrants your immediate attention, under NO circumstance can you be called away. In order to maintain a good work ethic and complete your task on time, you must take charge of your working hours.

Not everyone can work during the day. Be honest and ask yourself, can you pull it off? Are the kids in school during the day? Do you have small children? If you have small children, you may need to design a more flexible schedule. You may need to start your day a few hours before the children get out of bed. You may have to work again at their nap times, unless you can afford to hire outside help or you have a wonderful family member who is willing to come over and lend you a hand. The most important consideration you will need to make is to your employer.

You will have to build your time around what is workable for the company you work for, and sometimes, this just cannot be done at home. You will need to cover your bases with proper planning, before you decide that working from home is the best option for you. You must have the support of your family and that means talking to them in advance. You will have to explain to them that work comes first and then play time, household duties, or anything else that needs your attention.  You do not want your boss calling asking about the latest reports, while you try to explain how the kids need to eat lunch first. Unless your boss is super nice and puts your family before the company’s business, you may find yourself back at the office.  In fact, you may find yourself begging for a brick and mortar job. Setting up boundaries in your plan will help you to transition into a successful work at home employee. As with all good ideas, the planning and implementation is the key to your success. Expect to have some rough spots when you start, but as you enforce your plan, they will start to subside. 


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