Monday, December 11

Shaving Tips For Women

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The most common annoyances of shaving tend to be cuts, ingrown hairs and irritation. Especially as us women tend to shave quite sensitive areas, like the underarm or bikini line, and areas where the skin is thin, like the legs.

It is understandable why many prefer shaving to hair removal creams and waxing as shaving is cheaper, quicker and in most cases, pain free.

If shaving is your chosen method of hair removal, here are a few tips to achieve the best results.

1. Pre and Post care 

Always shave on wet skin. The moisture means that the skin is softer which reduces the chance of you cutting yourself as well as having ingrown hairs. A good tip is to use hot water as this softens the hair which creates a closer shave and lessens the time it takes for the blade to become blunt. Whether you use soap or a special gel or foam, massage this into the area for a while as this will raise the hairs resulting in a smoother shave.

Exfoliating the skin also helps with the problem of ingrown hairs and also removes dead skin that would otherwise gather in your razor.

After shaving, be sure to moisturise or oil as, areas like the legs are prone to dryness – by keeping them well moisturised means that your skin will look and feel smoother. Try using un-scented or mild creams as the ones which contain more chemicals are likely to irritate the skin.

2. Direction of shaving

Commonly women shave in the opposite direction of hair growth e.g. up the leg instead of downwards. Shaving in the direction that hair grows ensures a closer shave but also reduces the chance of ingrown hairs.

When tackling more sensitive areas, the direction you shave in is essential to avoid ingrown hairs. Also ensure that you do not press too hard on the skin to avoid shaving burns and rawness of the skin.

3. The right razor

There is no one razor that is best suited for everyone, so this is simply a case of trial and error. As the areas that women shave tend to be curvier, I would recommend looking for ones with pivotal heads, which work around your curves. Generally, the disposable razors are the worst kind. Always go for a woman’s razor as it has been designed with the woman’s body in mind.

4. Blade

It is important to change the blade frequently as not only does it become clogged up with hair form previous shaves which results in less closer shaves, the blunt edges are also more likely to cut the skin.


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