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A Woman's Guide to Dressing Appropriately For Professional Work

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Smart clothes do not have to be boring – even the simplest of smart outfits and suits can be made to look trendy without compromising on your professional image.


Regardless of your figure, tailored suits which have some shape are always complimentary.

This adds style whilst making you look smarter and giving you more flexibility in changing the look to add variety.

With suit jackets, ensure that it is shaped inwards at the waist so that you look like you have a waist line. A common mistake that women make is hiding behind shapeless jackets. If you feel too big, it makes you look bigger and if you feel too small, it engulfs you making you look smaller.

In terms of colours, fairly dark or neutral colours look the most professional. Black, grey, navy blue, beige are all good professional colours. Avoid bright garish colours like red, white and so on.


In terms of trousers, if you are curvy with a pear shaped or hour glass figure, hip hugging, looser trousers look great. If you are pettite, thinner fitted trousers are complimentary. Straight cuts elongate slim legs.


If you are wearing a skirt suit, picking the correct shaped skirt is essential. If you are curvy, straight knee length skirts look fantastic – they hide the bits that you feel insecure about as the shape is not figure hugging but will enhance your curves. For the slimmer figures, pencil skirts are a trendy and sharp look which enhances curves. For a softer look, an A-line skirt makes you look curvier without being too figure hugging.


A perfect set of simple heels are great with suits as they elongate the legs and look trendy. Even if you wear a small heel, it still compliments the smart look but softens it a little than if you wear higher heels.

Flat shoes are not completely out of the equation but are better for the smart/casual look.


This is the area that a lot of women feel frumpy because they feel that they are limited to blouses. Even if this is the case, there are a variety of prints and styles that you can choose from, like frilly collars, black and white polka dots etc. This is where you can also add a splash of colour to your outfit.


This the most exciting part as choosing the right accessories is where you will be able to reuse outfits whilst adding some variation. It is also the way you can make your outfit look more trendy and young.

Chunky necklaces with simple earrings are always a great combination as are braclets, bangles, belts etc.


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