Thursday, December 14

Biscuits Cake

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Biscuits cake could be used at every time of the year.This recipe is for everybody who do not want to prepare the dough or the mixture for baking. The biscuits are ready so you can use them very easy. The recipe serves 5-6. This recipe is very,very easy for preparation. The time for preparing is only 15 minutes. BUT you need some time ( 2 hours) to leave the cake in your fridge.


2 packets of  biscuits (abour 250-300 gr)

500 gr cream

100 gr sugar

100 gr jam

250 gr yoghurt

1 chocolate

200 gr walnuts (finelly chopped)

Method of preparation:

In a big bowl you have to place the cream, the sugar,the jam and the yoghurt.On the bottom of a plate or baking pan place some part of the biscuits. Place the mixture. After that you have to place the rest of the biscuits and then the mixture again. On the top of the cake you can grate the chocolate or you can place part of the grated chocolate then part of the finelly chopped walnuts or you can place the walnuts and onto them you can sprinkle the grated chocolate. Before you serve your cake it should stay for at least two hours into the fridge. You can serve the biscuit cake with a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of lemonade or juice.Enjoy!


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