Tuesday, December 12

What Can You do With Candles

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A pincushion
A candle is the ideal pin cushion, and the wax from the candles makes it easier for the pins to glide through your fabric.

Squeaky door
If you have a squeaky door, then rub a candle along the hinges, door stops squeeking.

At the ends of your shoelaces is always a plastic against raffeling of your lace.. It often happens that quickly goes off, and you obviously have no use for a raffled shoe lace.. Grab a candle and light ot, dip the ends of your shoelaces briefly in the melted wax and let them dry.

Create a secret drawing. Give your kids a sheet of paper and a candle and make a beautiful drawing with them. At first glance, you see nothing, but then you go over it with paint or crayons, then you see a beautiful drawing.

Waterproof labels
Do you have an address label on a package, but you’re afraid that if it get’s wet the address may no longer be readable? After writing, go over it with a candle, no snow or rain or dirt will stick on your label. And the address will always stay on.

Hard drawer
Are you have trouble opening your drawer because it does not open as smoothly as usual? Rub the sides of the drawer tray with a bit of wax from a candle. Next time the drawer will slide open en close properly again.


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