Tuesday, December 12

Cox's Bazar, The Longest Sea Beach in The World

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Cox’s bazar. Located in the southern part of Bangladesh. This is the longest unbroken natural sea beach in the world.

While entering the city, you’ll see the beach from your bus window. I’m sure you’d be crazy to get down from the bus & get to the beach instantly. The road entering the city has plenty of hotels. Accomodation is also available in the city. People in this area are so friendly & helpful 

The beach is vast. Plenty of activities are here to entertain you. You can just relax under the umbrella sitting on a couch & watch the sun set. Variety of beach activities like jet sking, surf boarding, banana boat riding, horse riding & flying kites. The most popular travel destination in Bangladesh is Cox’s Bazar sea beach. The beach is always busy with local & foreign tourists. Tourist are full in this destination all the year round.

Accomodation is available for all type of travellers ranging from Delux to budget. The hotels are very close to the beach. Some hotels has sea view rooms.

Variety of foods are available here ranging from bengali food to continental & chinese. Sea foods like lobstar, promfets are much popular in this area.

Most popular nearby destination from Cox’s bazar is St. Martin’s Island. This is a unique destination for Island lovers. The place is quiet & calm. The clear blue water in the sea & the life under the sea is amazing to watch. A few facilities are available for scuba diving here. The grill & BBQ at night in you resort will give you feeling like Robinson Cruso or may be Swiss family Robinson.

Another nearby destination from Cox’s Bazar is Inani beach & Himchori. Inani beach is a partly coral beach. Himchori has a beautiful spring & has a hill top view. 

This is a must visit destination for the life time.  


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