Wednesday, December 13

Fitness Importance

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Hello Friends!!

This is an old saying“Health Is Wealth”!

If you are healthy than you can earn money easily but if you are weak and unfit, your mind will also leave you alone and if your mind is not with you, how will you survive in this world because without mind you cannot even think of earning money .If your body is healthy than your mind will also work good! 

To be fit you have to keep these few things in your mind.


This is the thing which you have to keep in your mind while eating.

Proper diet does not means that you have to eat less .No please if you have this feeling that by eating less you will make yourself fit ,than guys i must say that you are having a wrong mentality about it.


This area include jogging, cycling, Skipping, jumping. if you go to gym regularly than those above exercise will cover there only. Make in habit that you have to give atleast 45 minutes in your gym.


Rest is the key to be fit and healthy. I have heard to many people that they don’t get time to sleep because of their hectic schedule or due to loads of work. After some time people like them start getting diseases.


  By doing exercise you are helping your outer part of the body only but by yoga you are relaxing your whole body including the main part called brain. Yoga gives so much relief to our brain which works for whole day. Do you know you are at work or you are on your bed, your brain works continously. So by doing giving some rest to your brain you are benefitting to your whole body.

If you do all these things regularly or on daily basis ,I am guaranteeing you that you won’t get any disease in life! Cheers!!


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