Thursday, December 14

The Future of Publishing

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When we look back to how writing and the publishing of books and articles have changed, it makes one wonder how the future of publishing will develop.
From drawings on the walls of caves to show the exploits of the hunters of the day to scribbling and scratching a form of writing on stone tablets, that must have been amazing not only to see that drawing of other but to be able to take it with you to show others.

The development of parchment from wood made the writings a lot easier to move about and of course led to paper to write on. Mr Caxton invented the printing press and the whole lot took off. With thousands and thousands of manuscripts and book being printed and read by more and more people.

Many still like and prefer the idea of holding a book

The use of the web to publish works is becoming almost THE way to write and read although many still like and prefer the idea of holding a book in their hands, and so led to the development of the e-reader.
As you can see I use the Internet method not just by choice but also it’s so hard to get your work accepted, I have just had my first “Book” published on the net. And I fear this might be that only way the likes of me and many others will be able to produce and sell their work, this first e-book of mine is just poems but later I intend to add some of my stories as well.


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