Tuesday, December 12

Black Swan or Golden Swan

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  As we are now living in the century of Internet, who’s talking about the excitement of buying a ticket to watch a movie in a dark hall, where you won’t be able to talk, to smoke, to move for at least 1h30 when you can download it at home and watch it doing whatever goes through your head. Going to cinema, old fashion? For some maybe, surely yes. But finally what’s cinema about? Just some entertainment, joining video games or youtube videos? Actually Cinema supposed to be an Art, but many people seem to forget that today. The industry of Cinema, working as well to survive, weakens and gives us most of the time two choices: a pasteurized world or a free meaningless violence which will return your stomach up and down and let you stoned for a while (in the best case).

  Fortunatly, there are still people, doing films because they love it, because its their art and their life. And when you see one of those films, you feel it right under your skin. Black Swan enters the categorie of movies reminding you there is still a sense to go to cinema. Darren Aronofsky finishes to prove here what he started with Requiem for a dream, he has his special sparkle and something to say. Yes it is a hard movie, but there are no exaggerations. A good story, well said, good music, very good acting, beautiful direction, beautiful photo, costumes, its a  complete work, touching so many different actual and eternal subjects. For those who like Natalie Portman, to see this movie is a must since it is probably one of her best roles. And even for those who don’t appreciate her, it will be hard to resist to the quality of her performance.

At the end, coming back to the lights, the images will still dance around for a long time. Anybody who searches for this feeling of satisfaction after a good movie can quietly buy a ticket, sit in the dark and enjoy.

And then, we just wait for the next!


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