Saturday, December 16

Is There Such a Thing as a Mercy Killing…

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Charlie wasn’t my cat, he belonged to my Mom and Dad, and he has been around for a few years.
Charlie disappeared during the spring and had been gone awhile, he returned around August dragging the lower half of his body, and acted like he didn’t know where he was, but had found his way back home.
My family are pet and animal lovers, they have always had a special place in our home when we were children, we welcomed Charlie home, hoping he would return to his health, soon he was walking on all fours, eating with the rest of the cats. He couldn’t control his bowels, which now required a trip to the vet.
My Mother made the appointment for Charlie, and assigned me with the duty of taking him.
Charlie had been to this Vet many times in the past, shots, neutering, etc. 
The Vet looked at me and he believed it to be Brain damage, and was hopelessly ill, and beyond help.
The most humane act would to put him to sleep and end his suffering because he wasn’t going to get better.
Charlie wasn’t actually my cat, but at that moment my heart dropped, and I felt as if he was.
The Vet suggested that we should do it as soon as possible.
The Vet asked if I wanted to be there for it, staying to hold him because I wouldn’t want to be alone.
Even trying to write this the emotions overwhelm me, the Vet told me it was a simple thing, and he called it a mercy killing; my heart broke, the tears flowed, and crying all the way home.
Calling my mother to let her know of Charlie’s death, and relaying this would always be on my mind, and this was one of the worst things that she had ever made me deal with.
Thinking from time to time about Charlie and the trusting look in his eyes, now I know it was for the best, only my heart still breaks.


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