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Proflight Simulator Reviews – Most Realistic Flight Simulation Games

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Looking for flight simulation games where you can experience stunning real life flighting scenery and mission without need of leaving your home? Then you come into the right place, where share with you the pro and cons reviews of most realistic flight simulator game – ProFlight Simulator.There are several similar type of flight sim games such as Microsoft Flight Sim, Flight Gear and Real Flight G5 but nothing come compare with ProFlight Simulator. This flight sim game provide high 3D quality graphic visual realized and modelled with over 20,000 world globe landmarks and precise landscapes associated with Google Maps.

With ProFlight Simulator, you can:

Experience Realistic Flying

The ProFlight Simulator developed by group of high skillful programmer which provide close to reality as possible, allow user to experience real time flying experience. ProFlight development team emphasize from lanscapes, aircraft tendencies, motions and even planetary alignment which let user feel the actual flying simulation. 

ProFlight Simulator provides more than 120 different aircraft and helicopter from F16s, Migs, Concords and even military flighter jets, over 20,000 of world airports with scenery packages included and more.

Integrated Multi Player Mode with Google Maps

You can have a network flight simulation party where allow to link friends and other online users together with google Map integration.  With multi player map server shows all the active pilots superimposed on top of a google map. Proflight Simulator have over 4000+ members, you bet can find someone to play with. 

Realistic Controls and Aircraft Modelling System

What had in the aircraft dashboard panel, you got the same in ProFlight Simulator. It has the extremely smooth and fliud instrument animation which provide exact same rate as the real aircraft. Instrument that lag in real life, lag correctly in ProFlight Sim, gyro drift modeled correctly, compass subjected to aircraft body forces.

100% Money Back Guarantee

The best part is this product has 60 days 100% money back guarantee where you got nothing to loose. You paid what you pleased with what you get.

The Cons:

Huge File Size, Wait For Download

You can watch a DVD movies or goto shopping, in order to leave the ProFlight Simulator to downloads as it has a very huge file size. However, you can get a DVD version instead in the members registration pages. This surely can save time and bandwidth.

Difficult To Get around In the First Time

You need to spent some time to navigate this simulation software due to a lots of maps and aircraft to explore. Even for those gamers which familiar with using computer and simulation games will feel overwhelming on the first times. However, the Proflight Simulator Game provide detail instruction and operation manual which guide you through the setup and how to run it.Usually most people are able to find their way around the Pro Flight Simulator package after this.

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