Sunday, December 17

Robinhood vs Government

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Once upon a time, there was man named Zaarin, who was very wily. People in the town used to say that he is a virtuoso in winnowing out good people from bad. It was said that during his childhood he had a windfall, which gave him the ability to winnow. Just his presence could make people work with zeal. Although, he was a robber, his lifestyle was least worldly. He was so vital for the survival for the poor that when writ was written to capture him, everyone became vigilant.

Government considered him the viper, whose mere presence was so virulent that the whole system rips apart, but for poor people he was virtually a God. Although, visage of government showed that Zaarin should be ready to face their wrath for wreaking havoc in the system, they were not witless. They knew that he is very important for them to stay in power, since, if he is captured, there is a risk of civil war. He was responsible to make yeoman out of beggars, eliminating the wanderlust from the people, yoke under one nation and obtaining maximum yield from the people. This was the reason that with so many efforts made by the government to withhold his actions, he manages to make government yield to his demands. He has penetrated the visceral of all the poor people. His position was so strong that the government would get winced simply by him screeching the chalk on the board.

When analysts tried to understand his modus operandi, they find out that his winsome and wispy withdrawn behaviour enabled people to like him. Although, critics envisions that his charm and wizardry will wither away once he would become wizened old man. The reason was that he had become vintner and was addicted to drinking. This is because he lost his virility when out of virtue he tried to protect a virtuoso from a viscid which left his penis vitiate and him under woe. The reason is just that the victim had forgot to fix the viscid box firmly between the jaws of the vise. However, they feel that this need to be handled carefully, otherwise it will create a wistful mood among the people. However, they found that he has xenophobia, which can have impact on his visionary ideas and can prevent him to make his nation reach zenith. Their vindictive behaviour compelled them to disclose his weakness to the people with the help of witticisms.

But, little it was known to them that he can withstand this tactic with his wont of by causing wrangling among the politicians. Once, when they tried to kill him, he wrenched free of this attackers and wrested the power from the politicians and made them squirm in pain of losing the seat. They were made part of the wry wits and zany antics and vignettes by the people. In wake of this incident, no politicians dare to try that mistake again. Those politicians image was so badly vilified that even after vindicating them that they had a yen with the existing government to get away from this country and want to settle down as yeoman in another country. Finally, no one would have thought that a person who was one mocked for being a yokel in yore is now a zephyr for the nation which brings vigor to every citizen.


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