Monday, December 11

Are You Really Ready For a Pet Member of The Family?

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Before deciding on a specific pet, should ask yourself a few questions regarding a new pet or animal you may invite into your family.
Getting a new animal, pet, etc, first of all you shouldn’t buy on impulse, this often leads to disappointment, and sometimes it is disastrous when purchasing or adopting a new family pet.
This is important if you don’t remember anything in purchasing an animal or pet.  This animal will share your home and your heart for many years.
The decision of owning or obtaining an animal should be discussed with everyone involved, and that are going to be caring for the new animal in your life.
1. Make sure there is a place in your life for a lifelong pet that requires lots of attention.
2. Do you have plenty of time to spend training, potty training, your new pet?
3. Can you promise if you have children that you won’t delegate the puppy’s care to young children, they can’t take the responsibly for its care without an adult.
4. Animals need many hours of attention to mature into well manner animals, which you will be proud of, and glad it is in your home.
5. Animals need housing whether it is inside or out, which also means a fenced in yard.  Please don’t tie your dog on a chain attached to its dog house, when your pet is outside, shelter from the rain, with a dry doghouse.
6. House breaking, potty training will take time, this is where you need to be dedicated to your pet, and this may take a period of time.
7. Calculate, how much money you will need for the Vet bills, food, tick and flea meds, and don’t forget heart worm medicine.  Also consider the cost of bedding, collars, and leashes.
8. So what if you have to go out of town, what about investigating boarding kennels, or making sure you have a trust worthy friend to pet set.
9. Everyone in the family must be ready for a new pet.
10. Don’t buy a pet for a holiday such as Christmas, the pet will not get the attention it needs with all the hoopla going on.

Just some pointers in adopting a pet, many animals are tossed aside when they are no longer cute little kittens or puppies.
This makes me sad, adopting a dog from you local Humane Society, they will be spayed or neutered, up to date on their shots.
Reading the local newspaper, also offers many owners having to part with their pets for one reason or another, check that out as well.
Try to avoid puppy mills, pet stores sometimes buys these animals without really knowing they are.
A mutt is a good dog; pure breeds are nice too… Open your heart; help our pet population, by adopting, a new or old dog or cat



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