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How to Self-Confidence How to Grow Every Day

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Relax. You are not the only one who have problems like this. Many other people out there who are also not confident alias crisis of confidence. Provided you want to learn to trust yourself, next time I guarantee you will look different: a person more confident. 

You want to know how to believe in yourself? 

First of all you need to understand why confidence is important. Maybe in between you have anyone know what the benefits of confidence, but some of you may not. But I’m sure you all feel how tortured while a person who is not confident. You fill your life uncomfortable. Maybe you do a job you dislike because you are not confident enough to refuse the job. Due to lack confidence, you may be difficult to fix a bad relationship with your coworkers. Without having enough confidence, you also do not dare to stabilize way to achieve your dreams 

If you are a leader, without sufficient self-confidence, will make you look less credible in front of your subordinates. Even more dangerous, you might also mistaken in making a decision. 

You do not want all of the above happen to you right? 

Thank God that now you begin to realize how very important to have confidence. The good news for you is no one who was so born directly into people who believe in themselves. Confidence is a skill developed. 

So if you see someone that you think are so confident they actually are not instantly like it. They train the confidence little by little. 

Here are tricks and tips that you can use to train your self confidence. 

Tidy up your self. Maybe you argue that you are not a neat person. So what do you show too much of neatness. And if you look neat, you’ll be more confident. Please try and feel the increase in confidence happen to you. 

Feel the positive situation. Wherever you are, try to feel the positive situation in that place. Feel that people around you are welcomed you, the environment was also smiling at you. 

Maintain a positive mental. That what you do will go well and you will also fine. Focus on the positive side will make you confident. 

Reduce say “but”. Maybe you often say the word. Suppose you say “want to be successful, but I’m just an ordinary person.” “You want to get rich but this could not and so on.” 

Better start now subtract said the word “but”. The word “but” makes you who originally wanted to go, again backward. “But it” makes you accustomed to making excuses and not doing ACTION! 

Find what you fear and ACTION. If you are afraid of speaking in public, ACTIONKAN it. If you fear the other person’s face, do it. Find what you fear, and ACTIONKAN! 

Do not delay. Delays caused some alarm. The more you delay, the more fear it will clot and your mind started making excuses that the delay that you do it right. In fact, the longer you delay means that the longer you allow yourself to not increase the quality of self. 

Remember the moments when you feel so confident. Try to remember when you feel so confident that your hands are not shaking and no cold sweat pouring from your brow? When you speak it fluently and the other person you can feel your confidence. 

Remember those moments when you feel bothered by losing confidence. Your confidence will grow immediately. 

Beware perfectionist disease. Seeking perfection in addition to consuming much energy and time, can also be eroded confidence. For, example when you do a job that you think does not go like hope, sooner or later you will doubt your ability. 

Avoid seeking perfection. The important thing is to do the best ACTION. 

ACTION Perform with confidence. So that you believe in yourself, you should take ACTION with confidence. Distrust of one’s self can be seen from its ACTION. 

And vice versa. When you act confident, people will judge you as being confident. ACTION confident will make you grow confident. 

What are some simple actions that are often done so that you look confident? Sit up straight, make eye contact, speak clearly, put forward your opinion, and smile. 

The purpose of the life of every person in this world must have been for the better. Better than yesterday, better than last month or last year. A good way to get better is to improve what you can already do, or can make what you can not do all this. What you can not do, make it a challenge, then the ACTION so that it becomes a learning to improve yourself for the better.


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