Tuesday, December 12

Gerald Celente, New Financial Program

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Gerald Celente is commonly considered the number one trends forecaster in the world…so it’s not a surprise that he has been regularly sought out by investors and businesspeople the world over to see if they could get a jump on their investments or their competition.

His new financial program is designed to give the individual investor an advantage they’ve never had before…a window into the future, and how that will affect financial ,stock, commodities, and real estate markets.

Mr. Celente has never put his name to a product like this one before, but he says he feels comfortable working with Kip Herriage and Wayne Allyn Root, his partners in the project.

All three have impressive resumes…thriving in poor market conditions because they know what to look for and see it coming before it arrives…and prepare accordingly.

Mr. Celente has predicted hundreds of events in varied areas like finance, fashion, the stock market, entertainment, politics, travel, business and the economy. He forecast the break up of the former Soviet Union, the dot-com bubble, housing bubble, the bottom and rise of gold, and the financial collapse in 2008.

Gerald Celente knows his stuff. The forecasting he’s been doing for the past 30 years has had major implications for investors. Now they are packaged in a way that is designed to help the individual investor in his journey to becoming wealthy, even in our uncertain economic times.

Celente partnered with two other top financial minds, Kip Herriage and Wayne Allyn Root, both of whom are forecasters in their own right, if not so comprehensively as Celente. His new financial program is called Crashproof Prosperity. It is in a pre-launch phase and will open for purchase on February 14, 2011.


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