Monday, December 11

Surrealism a Revolution in Art

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Surrealism is a visual experience for the anti brigade it points to the impossible, Escher was a Dutch graphic artist and had a real feel for it;

Surrealism puts imagination onto canvas in a way it is thought provoking and in a curious way a pleasure to partake in.

Salvador Dali once said “Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision. –”

Ok so yes you do have to be a little mad to paint it, and indeed to view it, but then aren’t we all in a way.
In this bizarre dreamlike magical word of melting clocks and upsidedown-ness, anything can and indeed does happen,
I find it very enjoyable and pleasing to the eye, to see and feel the impossible, is, in a way, escapism

We all need to escape from our own little mad world that we make for our-self, so surrealism is a wonderful escape route.
My Favourite painting in this mode has just got to be “The Persistence of Memory” floating clocks and watches
In this wonderful world I loose myself, and anytime I feel angry I just dive into my collection of my surreal world, how can anyone remain mad with works such as “The Elephant Celebes” by Max Ernst and “L’Ange du Foyer ou le Triomphe du Surréalisme” again by Max Ernst and of course Yves Tanguy work “Indefinite Divisibility”

I love my Surrealism, its an aquired taste and if you havent yet gazed upon any, do try, you wont be dissapointed


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