Saturday, December 16

3D Wind Spinners

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3D Wind Spinners have evolved so much over the years that their is a tremendous variety of different kinds of wind spinners.

Metal Wind Spinners are made of copper or stainless steel that is weather resistant and rust free.  These kaleidoscope type of wind spinners reflect the sun off the circular spining rings and create a mesmerizing effect that can keep you looking at it for hours.

Twister Wind Spinners are made of a weather proof material that is made to withstand the harsh weather and retain their vibrant colors. They have long tails that entertain us by twisting and swirling in the wind.

Garden Wind Spinners are also made of weather proof material and are more like a pinwheel that has spinning wheels.  The are typically a vehicle or anything that you can add a wheel to.

Hot Air Balloon Spinners are miniature hot air balloons that hang in your outdoor yard.  They are comprised of panels that spin with the slightest of breezes. Some Hot Air Balloon Spinners have twisters or tails that can have you wanting to visit far off places in the breeze.

Mushroom Wind Spinners are the newest of the 3D Wind Spinners.  They are shaped like a mushroom with the top having 6 panels that spin in the breeze.

3D Wind Spinners come in many designs that can complement any season, holiday or occassion and add a wonderful look to any outdoor yard.

Ann Cohen is a former caterer who loves the holidays, entertaining and the outdoors and loves to share her tips and tricks with you. Feel free to browse a wonderful selection of Wind Spinners


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