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Vampire Love or Wizard Friendship

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With the end of Harry Potter began the Twilight Saga. J.K Rowling continued to enjoy her position as the first and far only billionaire author and the Potter books kept on publishing time to time and secured the top ten’s list every time but within the working fame progress of Harry Potter, stepped in Stephenie Meyer with her brand new twist in the drama and thus the Twilight Saga begun. Ever since then the debates have been prevailing but yet the question always remains unanswered, “Which is better?” Well, how about this: why not both? There’s always a possibility for a tie, isn’t there? People roam around promoting the Saga while there still remain the ones who are always ready to criticize them with their whatsoever points. Perhaps, what both the series have taught to us is that peace is forever better than creating riots and thrashes; then why not live with serenity and accept the fact that both the series are not less than any. Harry Potter’s got the magic while the Saga’s got the feel and their purpose is nothing but to entertain the public. Here’s a list of some clarifications for the anti-twilighters to keep in note while next time assessing the Saga.

1)  No Reality: The Saga gives us a realistic feel as fine as Harry Potter. The characters do also have flaws; Vampires have dark purple circles under their eyes for instance. Edward thinks over a situation too much. Alice can sometimes get too irritating. And the biggest flaw of all, Bella has always stumbled upon her life like literally tripping through steps.

2) The Saga for Money: Harry Potter was, no doubt, carefully thought from the start and there wasn’t any plan of Stephenie to write the next sequels to the Saga but she continued writing only on the request of her fans and not for money’s sake. The books came out as a fan demand and the latest Eclipse novella was published only to provide a view of what was going on in Seattle before the viewers watch Eclipse (the movie). If money was meant, the Saga could have been a heptalogy or so like Harry Potter.

3)  Bella is Always Whining: People should get the difference between Harry and Bella. Harry is a guy and Bella is a girl. And plus, the Saga is in Bella’s perspective so it is entirely one sided, that’s why the readers encounter more of Bella’s mind than others and that’s why we see 20 pages of whining because girls do that most of the time. And the problems she gets into are supernatural, out of human’s reach and that’s why she can’t do anything about them but to whine unlike Harry who is a guy and being a wizard can fight his own troubles.

4)  Cullens & their Perfect Looks: Personality is an important feature that distinguishes the Cullens from each other. It is their personality that has made hundreds of hearts fall in love with them and not only their appearances. Rosalie portrays a personality of a strong independent woman who has suffered a lot but is yet living with it. Emmet is the dude of all siblings while Alice is the life of the mass. Jasper replicates a sophisticated and disciplined gentleman. Carlisle and Esme are known for their compassion and generosity, etcetera, etcetera. It’s not just their perfect looks after all.

5)  But They’re so Hot: When any of you encounter a fan who gives “but they are so hot” as a reason for loving the Saga, he/she is not actually a twi-hard, rather just a fan. A twilighter would always give you some solid reasons for their shot and at times quote the lines from the books as well.

6)Meyer Threw Supernatural into Reality: Creating an entire different world or throwing the mythical creatures into reality doesn’t really matter unless the material and plot that is provided gives you a feel to get lost into the text. Mentioning the essence of the real world is rather a nice practice because the author needs to link the natural and super natural phenomena logically while in an entire new world the author’s hand is free to create whatever logic they desire.

7)  No Lesson Tought: Twilight does, in fact, teach the readers a lot of lessons regarding morality and facts. Death for example: we cannot escape from death – not even Vampires, that’s what the Saga teaches but apparently so Harry even after dying got alive and escaped death. Every Saga book concludes to a fine lesson for the readers to ponder upon. With Twilight we see that every turn in life is meant for your own good, New Moon is all about coping up with life and friends while in Eclipse we realize that how our choices carry so many penalties with them.

8)  Meyer Explains Too Much: J.K Rowling and Stephenie were once compared in one of USA’s magazine and the common side was that they both even explain the silence – which is what a good author does. They both, in fact, explain the details very precisely for continuity’s sake while leave the glitches there for the readers to hypothesize.

9)  Insult Over Fantasy: The soul of the Saga and the reason for its fame is the Meyer’s ultimate imaginative mind that produced a sudden twist in the myth of Vampires. Not that Rowling has also curled up some myths about wizards; but what Meyer did is extraordinary. Stephenie changed the definition of Vampires while maintaining the essence of their dread and violence. This isn’t called “insulting” the fantasy writers but rather creativity.

10)  Development: Now here’s where the big difference situates between the two definitive series: the development. Vampires don’t age, they’re immortal and have experienced hundreds of years for which their development doesn’t seem natural but Bella, however, developed with time. Unlike Harry Potter, the readers don’t get much interaction with Bella as the Saga is a tetralogy and Harry Potter is a heptalogy but they did get a feel of how her experiences throughout the books and the challenges she had to face provided a gradual development in her character.

11)  Perfection is Everywhere: In the Saga, all the characters don’t consider themselves perfect. Even Rosalie – the beauty gifted Vampire – admits her life is not perfect. In point of fact, all the Cullen’s back-stories provide them a flaw for which they envy others.

12)  Villains Get Defeated So Easily: In Harry Potter the momentous villain is Voldemort while in the Saga there’s no such villain as that but a sequence of situations eventually leads us to one villain, the Volturi, who are not that easy to defeat (Note that they weren’t defeated at the end also). Plus, the foes that Edward or Bella had met were of the same strength as that of Edward and the Cullens and thus could be defeated easily while Voldemort, in Harry Potter, is the master of power so that makes it long awhile to defeat him.

13)  3 Pages Wasted on Edward: The fact should be understood that Twilight is from Bella’s perspective and it’s not Stephenie explaining her life incident whereas Harry Potter is descriptive. Readers should get the difference between narrative and descriptive novels. Bella – the narrator of the story – is a girl in love with a fine-looking Vampire where there is no such love story in Harry Potter. This is why two or three pages are utilized in looks and appearances in Twilight because that’s what Bella is thinking that time about Edward and needs to be narrated.

14)  Bella’s A Shame (No Women Inspirations): Twilight is not just another vampire love story but in fact many women inspirations can be found in it. Rosalie and Leah being the top of them all. Both imitate strong women who have faced a lot in their lives and still get by with what they have. As far as Bella is concerned than the dependence of her on Edward is only because of her being a human surrounded by adversary vampires whom she can’t fight.

15)  Bella’s Not Loyal: To the degree that loyalty to friends is concerned, Bella had never liked her friends she made in Forks in the first place. The only girl she found as a true friend was Angela Weber and she remained loyal to her till the end. The rest of her friends weren’t even her friends really but yet she hooked up with them quite well as a friend like that should be.

16)  Immortality is Everything: One most significant misunderstanding that almost every anti-twilighter has is that Twilight relates to us that being immortal is way more to have than being a human. An entire wrong point of view indeed. Eclipse is all about the consequences people have to face after becoming a Vampire. Edward and Rosalie have always been against immortality from the start. It was only Bella who choose her life as an immortal for the sake of a lifetime opportunity living with her love, Edward.

17)  Bella’s Got Nothing to Do: If you think all Bella does is obsess over Edward than count that as another misunderstanding. Bella has dealt with so much in the Saga other than just gazing over Edward all the time. And about Bella not having a hobby, then she rather has one in fact: she reads books too like Hermione. Reading fiction is her hobby. Romeo & Juliet in New Moon and Wuthering Heights in Eclipse. Plus, she had an entire shelf dedicated to her favorites in her new cottage in Breaking Dawn.

18)  Where’s the Suspence?: Stephenie indeed also astounds her readers and keeps them turning pages untill the end is reached. The insensitivity behind the diplomacy of the Volturi was kept a secret until the end just like the loyalty behind Snape’s decisions was carefully conserved.

19)  Mystery/Action: “There’s no mystery or action” is rather a most faint reason for being an anti-twilighter. Though there is less action as compared to Harry Potter but Eclipse showed us enough of it which would suffice for the Saga to be called action-containing. And mystery; well, the Saga is all the mystery you could get. A mystery with logics, love, ethics, beauty, death and well, entertainment too.

20)  Death: Death is in fact the elementary attribute of the climax of all four books. Stephenie has introduced a mean of death every time for Bella and is also not afraid to startle the readers with something like death. The suspense in her books is indeed another element of Meyer which brought to her the position as the New York’s Bestseller. The bad guys rather don’t die that early in the Saga. Victoria remained in search of her avenge till the third installment Eclipse where as the Volturi haven’t been destroyed still.


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