Friday, December 15

Family Meltdown

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This is a very serious issue but i have never been accused of being serious so I’ll just tell it as it affects me.  I have four siblings and we have always helped each other out in big as well as little things. Little things such as helping out with household chores. However, of late, this sisterly as well as brotherly love seems to have disappeared out the window with the advent of economic meltdown. I asked my sister a few days back to help me with the dishes and to my shock and surprise, she asked “How much?”. I stared at her blankly for a few seconds before replying in a choked voice, “How much  what?”.”How much are you going to pay me to get the dishes done?

She laughed as I gulped in astonishment. “Don’t you know there is economic meltdown?. Every sector needs money Including me.”. And so the exploitation began, I now pay for everything – help with the dishes, laundry, cooking, everything! I am fast running out of cash, I need a way to get them to pay me as well. My siblings, for some reason can’t stay out of my room so what do I do? You guessed right! They now pay before they are allowed into my room. A way of getting money to pay for my laziness after all, the money will go right back to them.



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