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Human Influences…

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Has your dog earned the title “Best Friend” or “Man’s Best Friend?”

Man’s best friend has established a relationship that predates written history.

Do you ever wonder how this happened? Who first formed this partnership?

“Dogs or Canine” actually that was what they were called.  Were depicted on petro glyphs that decorated
the walls where cave dwellers lived. Paintings and sculptures of “Dogs or Canine” have been found among the
relics and artifacts of these ancient civilizations.

It may be logical to assume that “Dogs or Canine” first existed apart from human society.  They were probably wild dogs, which survived by hunting and killing and eating the prey as packs like wolfs or coyote do today.

Although it was found that “Dogs or Canine” were intelligent creatures and most likely joined the humans to find an available source of food and shelter. Dogs may have followed the prehistoric human leaders on hunts for food, prehistoric humans allowing them to eat the scraps from the kill as a reward.  Then it was found that they help protect them and their food, and many other things.

At some point “Dogs or Canine” decided humans were the alpha dog leader of the pack, as humans assumed leadership and dominance in the packs of “Dogs or Canine” packs.

“Dogs or Canine” that refused to submit to human domination were eliminated, turned into stew, and they used their pelts, to keep warm. The surviving dogs or canine became help mates to the people who kept them.

Hunting, guarding, ability and the acceptance of the lower role in society was quickly recognized.

Soon after that, it made human existence much easier and safer. Hunting was made easier by the “Dogs or Canine” warning if something bad was around. 

They also found hairy dogs could provide warmth; on cold winter nights. They also trained them to be guard dogs, to guard the house they lived in, from animals of the time. They also took the “Dog or Canine” hunting with them. They could point out prey for the hunters which this made hunting much easier.

While the new “Dog or Canine” companions became herders, of livestock, sheep etc, this earned them the name “Man’s best friend.”

So throughout history dogs have served humans in many roles.



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