Friday, December 15

Mum & Dad And Poisoned Passion…

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6 Feb 1996 – A poem for my Mum

Beauty and Grace

none other can compare,

Four decades and some

and not a wrinkle does she bear;

Advice she give so freely

harmonising every situation,

Love enhancing day by day

it’s in her heart, no obligation;

She is the lady who gave me life,

She is my Mother, my Father’s wife.


20 Mar 1996 – A poem for my Dad

Father of us three

Husband with an unprecedented wife,

You are everything to Janine, Wayne and Me.

Leadership grand,

demanding, yet compassionate;

Friendship challenging

but sociable and contagious;

Fatherhood scrupulous,

rigid yet concerned;

A man of distinguished talents

A man of admiration;


No one could be as loving as you,


No one could be as loved as you.


Feb 1996

A dead calm ocean, a melting hot day,

to a thousand islands, sail me far away;

Though rough may be the seas,

tough times along the way,

out there between the blue,

is where my heart will stay.


29 March 1996

Cascases of fire, I burn with desire,

I am ice, melting in your image

I am a river, bursting it’s bank

I am an ocean smashing on the shore

I am a sleepless soul searching for an irredeemable angel.

With your powerful glance you enter me,

your breath, warm against my aching body,

your scent simmering in our heat,

your eloquent voice rhythems my pounding heart

consuming my soul and bleeding me of all apathy.

My mouth is dry

I await your moise kiss,

one sensual touch and I am an exploding volcano.

But then comes an ominous dawn

I am left a perplexed apparition

meandering a skeleton coast.

One moonless night

one numb emotion

one callous passion.

We are one turbulent sea apart.

My lament,

The raven rain to obey.



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