Monday, December 18

Customizing Groups / Remaining

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1.    Open the Specified Order tab in either the Insert Group or the Change Group Options dialog box.

2.    To customize an existing group, select the group from the Named Groups list to move it down into the list below. Then click Edit to open the Define Named Group dialog box.

3.    If you selected an existing group and clicked Edit, the name of the group appears in the Group Name box. If you clicked New, replace the word “unrolled” with a name for your custom group. You could also type the new name In the empty Named Croup box on the Specified Order tab before clicking New.

4.    Use the tabs to select the groups that you want to include in the speci­fied group. You can select only groups based on values in the group by field you selected earlier. Note, however, that when you click the «New> tab, it actually adds an “OR” and another condition to your selection criteria. So, for example, on the first tab you might set up the criteria where “Sales Amount < 100”. On a second tab, you could add another criteria, such as “OR Sales Amount > 10000”. Your specified group will then include records that match either criteria.

5.    Click OK to close the Define Named Group dialog box and save the custom group that you just defined. SCR adds this group to the list of the Specified Order tab.

6.    Repeat Steps 2 through 5 for each group you want to add or customize. On the others tab, select an option to handle any records not included in the groups you specified.

7.    Click OK to close the dialog box. Preview your report to see the results of your custom groupings


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