Thursday, December 14

Customizing Groups

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You might want or need to customize your groups. Using the specified order option, you can manipulate the actual name and contents of a group.

Previously, we reordered existing groups. Using the specified order option, you can also define new groups. When you define a new group, you can use an existing name or create a new name. You can then add any of the existing groups to the new group. Or you can use tabs similar to the Select Expert to select the groups that you want to include in the new group.

For an example of a Specified Order Group, imagine that you have a database field “Region” that contains the states of the USA. You want to create four large groups based on the geographic location of the, states such as North­west, Southwest, Northeast, and Southeast. First, base the group on Region, and then select the specified order option. Name the first new group north­west, and then, using the tabs, select the states that you want to include in that group. Then add a second group named Southwest, add the appropriate states, and soon.

For records not specifically assigned to a group you create select one of the three options on the others tab, as described in the last series of steps.

To combine existing groups into, new groups, follow these steps:


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