Friday, December 15

Putting Existing Groups Into a Specified Order

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If you’ve added a group to your report and the ascending/descending options don’t meet your needs, you can use the specified order option. To change the order of existing groups:

1. With the Insert Group or Change Group Options dialog box open, select Specified Order from the group order list. This adds a Specified Order tab and opens it.

2i Select the groups that you want on your report from the Named Group list. Once you have groups selected and moved into the list, use the up and down arrows to the right of the group list to change the order of the groups.

3. Select the option that meets your needs from the others tab. The others tab has three options for dealing with any groups that you did not specifically add to the group order list.

•   Discard all others. This option discards all groups that you did not specifically include.

•   Put all others together with the name. This option puts all re­maining groups into one group with the name “Others” or with whatever name you specify in the text box.

•   Leave in their own groups. This option leaves the remaining records in their own groups and lists the groups, after the groups you specifically ordered, in original order.

4. Click OK to close the Insert Group or Change Group Options dialog box (depending on which one you used).

5. Preview your report to see the groups now in the order that you specified.


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