Monday, December 18

Deleting a Group From Your Report

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You have, two ways to delete a group from your report. Click Edit, Delete Group, or select Delete Group from the shortcut menu opened from the Group Header/Footer sections. This removes both the Group Header and Footer sections and any fields contained within them.

Specified Order Grouping:

Much More than Ordering Groups

Seagate Crystal Reports provides many options for creating custom groups. The specified order grouping option gives you the ability to customize groups in two different ways. You can change the order of your groups and/or re­name existing groups by setting criteria for what records to include in a group. The Group Expert might not directly address many report-specific grouping needs, but only a little creativity within SCR is required to meet your specific data and grouping needs.

Specified order grouping appears as one of the choices on die Insert Group dialog box in the group order list. Click this option to open an additional tab from which you can add and edit specified order groups. You can specify the exact order of existing groups if the ascending, descending, or original order does not fit your needs. Also, you can create new groups by combining data • from existing groups and specifying their order.


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