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How to Make Perfect Use of Social Media

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Now it’s time to go social.

In my accomplished experiences, the best way to get humans to apprehend your blog is

through amusing networking. Increasing your readers agency an access in


1. Sign up for Twitter – If you don’t already accept an annual on Twitter,

now is the time. Twitter is a abundant abode to accommodated humans who can not alone become readers, but accompany and support. You should aswell allotment your blog posts in accession to chatting. Once you accept a acceptable amount of followers on Twitter, you can alpha earning money by tweeting advertisements through places like

2. Facebook – Facebook offers several abundant accoutrement to advance your blog. You can hotlink up your blog through the App Networked Blogs. Humans can subscribe to your blog through Facebook. You can aswell accept your blog posts automatically column to your Facebook profile. Starting a Fan Page for your blog is aswell a abundant idea. This helps accumulate admirers from accepting to apprehend all of your claimed cachet updates. Once anyone “likes” your fan page, any updates you column end up in their annual feed. You can’t just win new readers, you accept to admonish your accepted readers to appear back. Fan Pages are an simple way to admonish them.

3. StumbleUpon amusing bookmarking – I get a lot of cartage from StumbleUpon. In fact, it is my greatest antecedent of new traffic. StumbleUpon is fun and accepted way to cream the web. Click Stumble and you are taken to a accidental abode on the web-based on your interests. I accept apparent so abounding abundant blogs through this site. Abide all of your blog posts that aren’t time sensitive, such as giveaways. Take the time to abide blog posts from added sites as you appointment and you will acquisition that others will do the aforementioned for you. StumbleUpon does assume to do bigger with posts that accept images or video included.

4. Babble Rooms or forums – There is about absolutely a babble allowance or appointment for your blog topic. Join up and alpha posting. You can attending for sites that chronicle accurately to blogging such as or attending for chats based on your specific accountable matter. is aswell a admirable abode to acquisition chats to participate in. You can aswell alpha a babble allowance on your own blog through Blog Frog. The added humans you meet, the added readers you will have. Include your URL in your babble signature if allowed. These posts aswell advice with alfresco links to your website – and that increases your Google page rank.

5. Comment, Comment, Animadversion – The a lot of important amusing networking you can do is commenting on added blogs. However, accomplish abiding your comments are worthwhile. Say something with substance. Abounding blogs will accept an advantage to hotlink to your latest blog column or Twitter account. If the advantage is not there, don’t leave a link. When you leave a superior animadversion on accession blog, it is actual acceptable that the blogger will appointment your website in return.

6. Bedfellow Column – Once you accept a able-bodied advised blog with a professional

design that is socially promoted, the next footfall is to bedfellow post. Guest

posting is artlessly autograph a column for accession blog, such as this column for

Profitable Mommy Blogging. Welcome bedfellow posters to your blog as well. This will access your afterimage to a accomplished new accumulation of people.

In adjustment to accomplish your blog profitable, you accept to accept cartage to your

site. You charge to acquisition and accumulate readers. The accoutrement accessible through amusing networking are there for you to use. In addition, you may wish to accept business cards fabricated with your blog information. Don’t go anywhere after them. The added you acquaint humans about your blog, the added readers you will get. The added readers you get, the added opportunities you will accept to accumulation from blogging.


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