Wednesday, December 13

Let us See How Ma-Mahajnan Concludes About The Said Concept

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From the point of view of theoretical development and practical application of Ma-Mahajnan’s co-ordination of worldly-cum-spiritual striving, once we went all out for bringing out her works through established newspapers and periodicals—approached a few of the renowned publishers as well.

Relying solely on the blessings of the Mother, we fairly launched this boldest venture almost without resources. We were aware of her ‘Conscious Trance’, wherein once it was clearly stated: “Mahajnan, the Unfathomable Knowledge, is helpless before the intoxication of our desires and wishes.” Naturally we didn’t turn out successful.

However, driven by an irrepressible hope, we failed to admit in any way that the Ultimate Truth would remain ever unattainable. Always we were buoyed up by the thought–if there be anybody who could remove darkness by a flood of light, it was obviously none but Ma-Mahajnan. It is only through her abounding grace that the New Age can hope to attain perfection to a great extent and realize the Unknowable. Now, let us get the point in brief.

“It is not that the light of ‘that realm’ does not strike upon ‘this realm’. It does. It must. If, however, you take that light to be something very grand, you’ll be in the forest. (Have you seen a ‘lata’ forest? In the jungle, there are a number of bramble thickets. That area is called a ‘lata’ forest.) Once there, you’ll go round and round in circles, still you can’t find your way out. You may get into very much the same kind of predicament.”

The light strikes at such an angle—the light is to strike, it must. O yes, the light must strike. But when it strikes, huh, you may think it is a great light. You feel elated that you’ve such a splendid light as that—you think it is a very bright light and plenty of it. But if you stop short when you see that light—if you think a bit seriously—where does it come from, why does it come, how does it come, in that case, that light you’ll get the great shining light of truth. Then why don’t you get it?”

(Smilingly) Why not? Isn’t the reason like this? There’s this realm on this bank. A vast shadow from here has fallen across that light; beside that light has first struck across the river. The little light that is reflected from river does not reach the land properly. Over there, we have–whether you have right or wrong in what you say (Ma-Mahajnan said laughing)–God (Iswara)! Who is God? What is God? Where is God? Well, who is He, can you say? 

To get the things more clear, apart from our life and living often we are to leave the world. It’s difficult, no doubt. But regular practice leads us to perfection.                      [472 words]


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