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10 Ways to Get More Visitors To Your Blog or Articles

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Blogging is among the more popular ways to create an online presence either for personal or for business purposes. You may build a blog from free blog hosting sites and start posting your content immediately. But aside from having content, your blog also needs readers to be effective. Here are ten things you could tobring in traffic to your blog in order for it to survive.

Remember, that maintaining a blog is similar to running a business website. Unless you have the willingness to invest time and serious effort you won’t see any success in blogging.

This does not mean that the bloggers who failed were not serious about blogging. Most new bloggers aren’t prepared for the task that goes into producing a successful blog. Merely putting up a blog does not mean that visitors will automatically come to see it. You need to pursue your audience and give them a reason to read on and follow you.

1. New Content – nobody wants to visit a blog regularly just to find the same posts. Always update your blog by putting in fresh content at least two times per week. You may also write several posts ahead of time but upload them on scheduled intervals.

2. Article Marketing – the niche or subject you’ve selected for your blog should be one that you find interesting. If it interests you, then you will allot more time doing it. Create useful content that you could also submit to article directories or article publishing sites. Use the resource box or your publisher profile to promote your blog so readers can easily follow your works.

3. Social Networking – Join Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Ning, Squidoo, or dozens of other sites to create and expand your connections. This way, you can join groups of people who share similar interests with you.

4. Viral Marketing – use various means to spread the word about your blog. You can send emails or simply talk to friends, relatives and other people. When you hand out your business cards or flyers, have your blog address printed on them.

5. Use RSS Feeds – RSS means “Really Simple Syndication.” This is how your readers can subscribe to your new posts or “feeds” by receiving email updates when fresh content is posted. It is a simple way for them to follow your blog.

6. Submit Blog to Search Engines – by doing this, you allow your blog to be ranked. Google, Yahoo!, and Bing are among the most popular search engines that you would want to crawl your blog pages. This does not necessarily guarantee a top page ranking, though. You will have to do a bit more work to get that.

7. Join Forums – as a blogger you are also a budding entrepreneur. As you market yourself to get traffic, you will later profit. Join specific interest forums such as business, work-at-home, writing and publishing, and others to meet and interact with people and share ideas. Most forums allow you to add a link to your blog in the signature box so other members can find you.

8. Visit other blogs and articles – reciprocate those who visit your blog by writing comments on their blog posts. If related or asked for you could add links to your blog in your comments – but don’t overdo it or else you will be called a spammer.

9. Use SEO Techniques – whatever you write, utilize relevant keywords. Keyword density of around three to ten percent helps get your blog a higher page ranking in search engines. Do a research to find the most popular words in search engines as your keywords for your blog posts.

10. Social Bookmarking – submit your posts to social bookmarking sites to allow other members of those sites to track you back to your blog page.

By using any of these tips, you will start the bringing internet traffic to move towards your blog. This will not happen overnight and it will take some time; but with consistency you will be able to establish the readership you wish for.


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