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Using Aromatherapy For Your Health

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Aromatherapy is the practice that originated in the ancient Egypt which uses the essential oil from plants and flowers for the physical and physiological well being. Today aroma therapy has gained a lot of popularity at homes, hospitals and spas and they are being used to relive the mental and physical stress and to improve the general health condition of a person. It also helps to refresh and renew our self and to strengthen our body’s immune system to fight a number of common diseases we have never imagined of.

What are the oils used for aromatherapy?
The very purest extract of essential oils from plants and flowers are used in aromatherapy. These extracts are so very pure and concentrated that you will have to mix it with some other oil like almond oil or the grape seed oil while you use it. Lavender, rosemary, sandal, cedar wood, anise essence, eucalyptus oils are some of the essential oils which has been found to have a therapeutic value and each of them has its own specific mode and area of action. When lavender soothes and calms your brain, sandalwood oil helps to improve the skin and can be used as an antiseptic and eucalyptus and peppermint oil can be used to ease you from cold and asthma and also works as an antiseptic.

The health benefits of aromatherapy
The aromatherapy and the essential oils used for it has many proven health benefits the first being stress relief. Today most of the people have started visiting the spa to relieve off all the tension and strain with a truly relaxing aromatherapy spa experience. Many are ready to pay in bulk, just to get down with the feeling of stress. Lavender oil is generally used in aromatherapy as a stress reliever. It also helps to promote deep and undisturbed sleep in people who find it difficult to put themselves to sleep.

Aromatherapy has also been proved to relieve the pain during child birth and it also increases the chance of having a normal delivery when used at the time of delivery; but pregnant women should be very careful while using the wrong essential oils as some can even result in miscarriage. Certain plant oils used in aromatherapy have been proved to prevent a number of microbial infections as these essential oils used for aromatherapy do have a microbicidal property. Eucalyptus oil is one example which can be used as an antiseptic and it also helps to treat cold and rhinitis.

Aromatherapy has been found to work wonders against cold and respiratory infections, Lemon essential oil which can be used to strengthen the immune system and to treat migraines are one of the best antiseptic oil. Sage oil and peppermint oil are the other two examples of the aromatherapy oils that can been used to treat cold, respiratory illness and Bronchitis.

Aromatherapy is also proven to relieve the panic attacks, headaches and pain in patients and have been used to relieve the asthma, cold and flu attacks in many. It is also been widely used to lower the blood pressure to a very considerable level.

Knowing the right essential oils to use and the right way of administering it can improve your well being and also helps to fight against a number of different health conditions. So what are you waiting for? Get into a aromatherapy spa to enjoy a really relieving massage or buy a bottle of lavender oil, from a licensed provider (cause there are a lot of fake providers who will hand you a fragrant oil instead) and enjoy the soothing effect of it at your home or office.


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