Monday, December 11

Simple Tips to Reduce That Excess Weight And Look Trim And Beautiful

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There is a common myth among many people that dieting means reducing the quantity of meals we normally intake to maintain the body is an ideal means to maintain the body in a nice shape.

This is totally false and erroneous. We need food to have enough energy to keep our body, our muscles and bones in a good shape to function effectively.  And energy is provided to the body through food,  Energy is essential for the body and only good food at frequent intervals only can provide the required energy.

When do we put overweight or become oversized?  The instant answer many people give is that when we eat more than we should eat, there is every possibility that we will put on more weight and look bulky.

This is totally wrong.  One will put on more weight, not just when he or she eats more.  It is only when he or she does not consume more energy derived from the food he or she ate at frequent intervals. 

One of the most beautiful things that a god bestowed to us in this life if none other than our body. Each and every person consumes some amount of energy to maintain himself or herself.  Simple things such as breathing, walking and such other things do require energy.  Even if you do not do any meaningful activity, you are bound to burn some amount of calories and spend energy even to upkeep yourself.

If the energy you have gained through food is more than what is required, and if you do not do enough work to burn that additional calories or energy in the body, then that energy will settle down in the form of fat or extra material in the body, which you will call it as fat and you will result in getting overweight.

This is all about the weight and weight loss.  There is no other secret for weight gain or loss in a body.  If you do not burn more calories than you earn through your meals on a daily basis, then you are bound to put on additional weight and look bulky or stout.  There is no other reason for one becoming over-sized person or too bulky.

One need not spend tons of money to keep your body trim and fit.  All you need to do is nothing more than becoming conscious of what you do on a daily basis.  Be on the constant vigil and ensure that you spend that extra calories that you earn through your meals,

Doing simple exercises, walking a little longer, drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water and above all ensuring that you do not save any calories on a daily basis is all that you need to do and do it consciously.  Then I will challenge you how you can become a stout person or a too bulky or over-weight person.  It is not possibe at all.  Dont accumulate energy in the form of calories in the body.  Do not leave them unutilized.  Then you can feel for being overweight.  So, please burn those extra calories on a daily basis.

It is immaterial whether you eat 1200 calories per day or 3000 calories per day.  If you eat 1200 calories, burn 1300 calories and if you eat 3000 calories, then burn 3100 caories.  This is all you need to do and nothing more is required whatsoever to have a good and healthy body.


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