Thursday, December 14

Goal Achievement – 4 Shortcuts to Setting And Hitting Your Goals

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Think on Paper –Write it out. As you brainstorm ideas for your goal write them down. It is easy to forget a brilliant idea if you don’t record it at the moment that you conceive it. Put all of your ideas down where you can see them. Decide what your goal will be and map out your plan. Also plan for the obstacles that you can anticipate seeing along the way. By writing your thoughts down you save time and effort down the road. When you are faced with challenges that you have already anticipated and solved you are able to be more efficient in the pursuit of your goal.

One At A Time-Pick one goal and go with it. Settle on one goal rather than multiple goals. When you have single minded purpose you are able to stay on track. This eliminates unnecessary distractions normally experienced by people who stretch themselves too thin with multiple and competing objectives. You are able to set and hit your goal quicker. When you only have one objective it is easier to recognize whether or not your efforts are centered on it.

Duplicate Success-Study people who have done what you want to do and use their game plan. That successful person has already demonstrated the soundness of their plan and goal. Take their experience and learn from it. In order to get what they have you need ony do what they did. This saves you the time and frustration.

Make the Dream Connection-Link your goal to your dream. When the accomplishment of your goal leads to you obtaining the object of your desire then you will move with urgency and efficiency. You will want to hit your goal as quickly as possible so that you can get your dream. A good example occurs when you set a financial goal in order to have enough money to buy a house or car. You have linked your goal to your dream. Your dream is like a carrot that dangles out in front of you. It spurs you to action and it compels you to be as efficient as possible. You hit your goal as quickly as possible in order to obtain your dream.


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