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Tips For Dealing With Pregnancy Nausea

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Being pregnant and nurturing a little one inside you is the most wonderful feeling of all. But more than seventy percent of the women experience nausea in their first trimester, in some the nausea and vomiting carries over to the next trimester and in a very few it keep on till the very last minute of pregnancy.

The real reason behind the nausea and fatigue associated with pregnancy is not yet known though hormonal changes drop in the blood sugar level, empty stomach and dehydration are thought to be among the reasons. Getting rid of nausea entirely is not possible but some tips are found to work in reducing the number of time you throw up each day.

Here are a few tips you can try and get relieved of the pregnancy associated nausea. But if it persists for long and just a sniff of every other thing makes you throw up, and you get dehydrated and weak, well… then you will have to take the advice of a medical practitioner.

Here are some tips that will relieve you of your problem:

Keep munching
Expectant mothers are advised to have a number of smaller meals rather than having three full meals a day. This helps to keep the sugar level in the body steady and does not give a chance of empty stomach.

Healthy snacking
Though snaking in between meals may be advised, don’t go for snacks with too much refined sugar or simple carb, as they tend to raise the blood sugar fast and loses it soon. Try out a multi grain cracker, a fruit or complex carb rich snack that helps to maintain the sugar level by slow release of glucose.

Break fast in bed
Most mothers to be, get morning sickness just when they are about to begin their day. Having the breakfast in the bed and not hurrying into your chores has been shown to reduce the problem in many cases. If your hubby or anyone can take the breakfast to your bed its good or else you can keep some crackers at your bedside and start your day with it.

Sip in often
Nausea and vomiting will leave you dehydrated and tired. So sip a little bit of water or fresh fruit juice every now and then; don’t wait for you to feel thirsty, keep yourself hydrated all the time.

Stay away from smell
Certain smell are found to trigger the feeling to throw up in most pregnant women, when it is the smell of meat in some, some can’t stand the smell of any food cooking. Sometimes even the smell of detergent and perfume you love the most can induce the feel of sickness at this time. So the best thing to do is to stay away from any such smell that can make you sick, if possible. Having cold food can also work as they don’t give of as much whiff as the hot one.

Ginger and lemon
Sniffing ginger and lemon is also found to help in many women. Including ginger in your food or taking in ginger juice or lemonade once or twice a day can also help. So carry a lemon or a piece of ginger with you if you can.

Fresh air
Fresh air and a stroll in the garden can also help to overcome the feeling of nausea, open all the windows to your room and take a walk once in a while and keep yourself fresh and happy.

All these tips or one or two of these are found to work in most women just try it out and have a happy pregnancy. But if the nausea gets frequent, DO visit a doctor as dehydration can affect your little one.


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